Buszesz, the people behind the original WATT, has been around since 1853, making it the oldest company in Budapest, Hungary. Europe, the Middle East, and Australia have known WATT for years. They’re familiar with delicious, naturally purified mineral water. But why should they get to have all the fun? But before WATT could made the voyage over to the United States, it was time for a little makeover.  For the US, WATT Energy became WATT Natural Energy.

The same refreshing taste, but now 100% All Natural.  


Once upon a time - about seventy two hundred years ago to be exact - rainwater miraculously found its way to a protected well in the Earth’s crust. There it remained, soaking up the Earth’s goodness, free from pollutants.  That’s when you come in. When you open a can of WATT, it’s the first time that water has seen the light of day. We harvest it straight from the source, so every sip is as pure as it was seventy two hundred years ago…  Well, we did add a thing or two in there, like one hundred percent natural energy and all natural flavors. But that’s it, we promise.

All because we believe the world’s best tasting energy drink should come from the world’s best tasting, naturally purified mineral water.


Our question has never been whether or not the world needs energy. Our question has always been about the source. Until now, energy drinks meant synthetic ingredients nobody could pronounce, a bad aftertaste, and harmful sugars. So what’s so different about WATT? Well, let’s break it down.

  1. Natural caffeine from botanicals. That means real plants... from Earth.
  2. Pure cane sugar. Mother nature’s sweet side.
  3. B Vitamins. These are all natural too, and they boost your metabolism.  Win, win.

Wanting energy is only natural, 100% all natural actually. It’s only natural to need a boost.

Nothing synthetic about it.